Make your kitchen appearance extra-ordinary with Coconut Bowl


Coconut bowls are easy to use daily for the family, the solo traveller and the outdoor adventurer. If you want to look for a way to reduce plastic waste, can work with our coconut bowls. The most fantastic thing is the interest they can generate from those who aren't yet using them. 


Coconut bowls have a novel and minimalist appearance, and with its simple design, it can be used anywhere at home. Using coconut bowl in the kitchen to serve meals and snacks will give a great appearance. Try a coconut bowl for breakfast, a green salad for lunch, a vegetable pasta dish for dinner and fresh fruit for dessert. You can serve meals beautifully in your coconut bowls with reusable plant-based cutlery to your friends or family, and you can be sure it will start a conversation.


Bamboo Coconut Bowls in Kitchen 


Switching over to materials such as coconuts or bamboo is a great way to make others aware of the idea of an eco-friendly lifestyle and how can they reduce plastic use at their home. Coconut bowls are suitable for both cold and warm foods though they are not suitable for storing food in fridges or reheating the food. Do not use coconut bowl in the oven or microwave. 


Use lukewarm foamy water to clean your coconut bowl, and avoid placing it in the dishwasher. You can polish coconut bowl with coconut oil or another form of plant-based oil, such as flax-seed oil, to restore the shine to your coconut bowl. This should extend your coconut bowl; remember that they come from a raw coconut and that their imperfections give each bowl a superior quality. The coconut bowls are environmentally safe, so once the coconut bowl has finally worn out, you can dump it back into nature by placing it in the garden.


Ideas for the kitchen:


  • A coconut bowl is a safe option for serving meals of your kinds. 
  • You can use coconut bowl to separate ingredients such as flour or sugar when cooking or baking. 
  • Keep a set in the kitchen with the cutlery and a straw.
  • Use coconut bowl to serve snacks such as fresh fruit or trail mix.
  • Serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in your coconut bowl.
  • Serve food in your coconut bowl for a dinner party.
  • Serve fresh hummus or vegetable dip in your coconut bowl.
  • Use coconut bowl to serve to look amazing healthy raw desserts and vegan ice cream.