Benefits of echeck Payment Processing for Your High-Risk Business

 What is echeck?

An echeck is an electronic form of traditional checks. It works the same as paper checks but in lesser processing time and efforts. Unlike the paper checks, it takes an echeck authorization form to share your bank account details, routing number, payment authorization, and other necessary information. It allows processing the information electronically.

How is echeck payment processing is helpful for your business?

More than 95% of American companies have a bank account and can pay you via echeck. Most of the US buyers prefer to use the bank account for payment rather than cards. You can grab more sales from the customers not having the card, are maxed on the card, or the buyers who prefer bank account for the payment.

Adding the echeck payment option boosts your sales. You can increase the number of sales without any extra effort and cost with an echeck payment option.


Ways to process echeck

There are four major parts of processing an echeck.

Request approval: The merchant requires authorization from the customer to make a payment transaction. It is processed through an online form.


Payment system: After the authorization, the business provides the payment info into the payment software.


Settle and submit: Once payment info is entered into the software, the business ticks save option and begin ACH process.


Payment approval and Payment deposit: The payment deducted from the customer’s account. It sends an confirmation message to the customer and transfers the amount into the merchant account.


Benefits of echeck Payment Processing

  • Limit contact with another payment option.
  • Reduce processing time and administrative costs.
  • Efficiently manage recurring payments and bill payments.
  • Faster processing and deposits than traditional check.


A convenient payment mode for the business to excel the profit

echeck Payment Processing is very beneficiary for the merchants. It does not require you to visit a bank, deposit the check, and take slip nor can be stolen. With echeck, you can get paid as fast as credit or debit card. It gives a convenient way to make payment for your customers.

With echeck Payment Processing, it becomes quite favorable for the merchants as well to collect their payouts. They can get paid instantly. Payment gateway makes it easy for the customers to make the payment online through echeck.

echeck Payment Processing helps you in generating huge revenue for your business.


Getting echeck payment service for high-risk business

It becomes a challenging task for a high-risk merchant to get echeck Payment Processing service. This feature requires a merchant account service to proceed. Most traditional banks and financial institutions don’t intend to provide a high-risk merchant service due to chargeback and fraud.

A chargeback is very common for any high-risk business model. It takes place when a customer raises a dispute for the transaction to his bank.


eMerchant Pro brings the solution for high-risk merchants

eMerchant Pro is a well-known high-risk payment processing service provider to merchants. It offers services to all business models. We provide an effective echeck Payment Processing with its high-risk merchant account. Our payment processor makes it easy for your merchant to manage their echeck transactions.


Benefits of echeck payment gateway with eMerchant Pro


Reduce chargeback- With our effective chargeback management system; we help you in tackling with chargebacks. Our security tools verify each detail of the customer and provide prevention from a chargeback.


Reliable payment Gateway- eMerchant Pro integrates best payment gateway as per your business requirement. It offers 2D and 3D secure payment gateway to protect you from threats.


Virtual terminal- To make your business transaction more convenient and accessible, we offer you virtual terminal service. It facilitates your customers to make echeck payment via any internet-connected smart device.


High volume processing- Maximize your sales target with no volume cap on payment processing with eMerchant Pro.


Avoid fraud transactions with security tools integrated- PCI-DSS level I certified security standard, SSL encryption, and API integration with payment gateway secures your business from fraudulent transactions and the theft.


Offshore solution- We offer an offshore solution to the merchants seeking a way to globalize their business. With our offshore merchant account, we allow merchants to accept echeck payment globally.


Dedicated account- eMerchant pro offers you a reliable merchant account with echeck Payment Processing to manage your financial transactions.


Customer support- eMerchant pro offers you reliable customer support 24*7.


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As a high-risk merchant, if you are continuously seeking a solution for the best echeck Payment Processing, eMerchant Pro is here with an effective solution for you. It offers merchants an echeck Payment Processing to increase their transaction flow. We help merchants with our services to maximize sales for your products and service.

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