Amazon Affiliate Program For Sustaining your Website and Getting Higher Perks


Amazon is one of the wide-reaching retail markets in the world. In the US alone, Amazon is responsible for more than 40% of online sales. It is quite easy to take access to the huge profits that Amazon is making, the online user is only required to have a website on social media presence and get access to Amazon Affiliate program.

Amazon Affiliate Program is widely recognized as the affiliate marketing program that allows online users to monetize their website, blog. How did it help monetize your blog or website? The affiliate users take the opportunity and place the links to Amazon products on their website and when the customer purchases a product or an item from the link it automatically drives the affiliate user for getting the commission. Let us better know what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is more sort of an arrangement where the merchant amazon plays a significant role in paying affiliate website or blogs to transfer sales or traffic. The links procured by the affiliate website or blog on the merchant website are all considered to be paid as per the arrangement. The merchant i.e Amazon delivers the commission to the affiliate sites or blogs based on the number of people or traffic they provide to the Amazon who intend to purchase on the website within 24 hours.

The affiliate program is beneficial for both the merchant and for the individuals or organizations that runs the affiliate websites or blogs. The merchant, on one hand, will expand its reach and grab more leads and ultimately will have a high volume of sales to the merchant. On the other hand, the affiliate aspirants also get motivated to drive the conversion for the merchant website. Hence, the program is equally beneficial for the merchant and the affiliates.

Types of Affiliate Marketing


Pay Per Sale- For this type of program, the affiliate is paid by the merchant for sending the customer to the merchant website who makes a purchase. Some merchants pay a fixed rate to the affiliate for the sale while other merchants like Amazon pays a percentage of the sale. 

Pay Per Click- In this type of arrangement the affiliate is paid by the merchant for providing the no. of visitors to the merchant website via affiliate link and the affiliate is paid regardless of the customer made a purchase or not. 

Pay Per Lead: This type of program includes that the customers redirected by the affiliate on the merchant website through affiliate links are signing up on the merchant website and fills up the information required by the merchant.

Amazon is a renowned e-commerce website that has huge customer database Amazon is a renowned e-commerce website that has huge customer database and has successfully established a strong reputation in the market hence affiliates don't need to force visitors for sale on the merchant website. It is easy to enrol in Amazon program; it just takes a few minutes to make affiliate links on the merchant website.

Amazon is a big e-commerce giant that has more than 3 billion items for sale hence affiliates have more than enough to promote through an affiliate link, they will never run out of shortage.

Affiliates no only earn through the affiliates link that is forming on the Amazon website but they also got some percentage of sales through the customers that are redirecting through the affiliate links. You will receive the percentage of sales from everything that the customer buys within 24 hours. Amazon is highly skilled conversions and upselling so there are more chances that the customer will add multiple items to its cart.


How to become an Amazon affiliate?

You need to fill up the account information that includes your name, address, phone number and other essential information. Then you are required to fill the website address or mobile app links where you are planning to make the affiliate links, ads or banners. You have the flexibility to add up to 50 website URLs or mobile app links. You will also be required to provide the other necessary details about the website or app you are promoting and specifically is the particular niche for your website or domain. You are also required to tell about the fact that how you draw traffic to your website, how you manage to generate income through these websites or apps. You also have tell them about how you build your links and how many unique visitors you have that are making monthly visits for your website.


Getting affiliated with the Amazon Affiliate Program  has been a good option for many of the affiliates since they will develop a tendency in providing the conversion or lead to the merchant and more the leads they provide the merchant they will have wider chances of getting the reward from the Amazon.